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Your sensor data is valuable. Start using it with through AI-powered analysis.

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Organise your sensor data

Create digital twins easy and fast. Clean up data with AI-empowered rules and thresholds. Identify the source of your data and its verification status. Use our tagging system for easy data localization and navigation. Manage individual accessing allowance and responsibilities easily.

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Intuitive data analysis with
your colleagues

Test your ideas, gain insights and share your learnings all in a safe environment. Invite, collaborate and team up with others to work on the same calculations. Make data accessible for externals to share your findings and include their knowledge. Share final results and visualisations for improved demonstration.

Learn with and from others
The Sparks Library

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    CO2 Footprint

  • Template

    Heat Pump COP

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    Energy Storage Evaluation

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    Energy Demand Distribution

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    Pinch Analysis

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    ROI Estimation

  • Template

    Energy Flow Analysis

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    Benchmarking with other Companies

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    Impact Measurement

Join forces with like-minded people sharing the communal vision of tackling the climate crisis. Compare your performance to industry standards embracing stories of success and failure. Use the library to learn from others who have found solutions to similar projects you might be facing. Gain insights, find and apply solutions to your individual company case.

Efficient energy management is not going to work if everyone is going to do their own thing. That's exactly how we won't make any progress!

Henrick Cardinahl Henrik Cardinahl Project Manager, Alpla